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Parents and Caregivers Place

  • Books on child developmental and behavioral issues
  • Publications with fun activities for adults to do with children
  • Bulletin board of county programs relating to children
  • Mothering, Child, Family Fun, and Home Education magazines

Please check under Programs & News for dates and times.

Keeping Your Child Safe On-Line

The Deborah Rawson Library has 5 unfiltered computers which have Internet access. The Internet is an exciting learning tool and is available to adults and children alike. Just as parents assist children in the selection of movies, books and TV programs children will benefit from parent's direction in their appropriate use of the Internet. The best way to insure your child's safety on the Internet is to be there. But that is not always possible. Just as you teach your child rules about dealing with strangers it is important for to teach them about rules for communicating online.

The American Library Association suggests the following tips for "Webwise" parents:

  • Explore cyberspace with your children. Help them discover web sites that can help them with their homework or hobbies.
  • Ask your children to share their favorite web sites with you.
  • Provide clear guidelines. Let your children know what subjects or areas you prefer to be off limits and explain why.
  • Teach your children to be wise consumers in cyberspace. Remind them that not everything they see or hear may be true.
  • Attend an internet class, use books or ask a librarian for information on how to evaluate internet sites and help teach this skill to your children.
  • Teach your children safety rules for dealing with strangers on line
    • Never give your name, address, phone number or school name to anyone you meet on line.
    • Never give out credit card information without parent's permission.
    • Never arrange to meet a person you have met on line unless you have your parent's permission and an adult goes with you.
    • Always tell your parents or an adult you trust if you see something on line that you feel is inappropriate.